Northampton Woman’s Cancer Battle Inspires Fitness Challenge To Help Raise Thousands For New Charity

A Northamptonshire mum on a mission has taken on a charity challenge of a lifetime in a bid to raise thousands of pounds to help fellow cancer patients find a new lease of life through fitness and wellness related activities.

Victoria Skinner, 36, is aiming to raise a grand total of £40,000, and awareness, after being diagnosed with breast cancer.

Victoria and Joseph Skinner with daughter Isla. Photo Credit: Sophie Last

Victoria, who is known as Tor by close friends and family, and her husband Joseph Skinner, a Partner of Northampton based business J Sweeney Accountants, are launching The Tor-Rox Foundation, with the hope that Victoria’s personal battle with cancer will help to inspire others through the transformative power of fitness.

After a gruelling six-month training schedule, Victoria, who is mum to four-year-old daughter Isla, is taking part in her first ever fitness challenge, to complete her Hyrox Solo challenge taking place on Sunday, November 26th, to boost further fundraising. Hyrox is a global fitness competition combining functional workouts and endurance challenges that are inclusive to everyone no matter their fitness level.

Victoria said:

“I’ve been battling cancer since 2015…I’m now incurable. I have stage 4 secondary breast cancer where the cancer has spread to my bones, but I won’t be defined by this and I certainly won’t sit back and let it get the better of me. I want to live life, I want to step out of my comfort zone and break down barriers.

“Driven by my newfound love for fitness and the belief in its transformative power, I am embarking on a quest to create a charity that is aimed at improving the lives of cancer patients through fitness and wellness.

“Through regular training sessions and the unwavering support of Empowerment Training Centre (ETC), my confidence has grown to new levels, and a feeling of regaining control over my life has made me want to not only take on a physical challenge but to build a legacy for our daughter Isla and all cancer warriors.

“We want to provide not only physical fitness training, but also mental, emotional, and overall well-being in a supportive community to enhance the quality of life during cancer treatment and beyond.”

Hundreds of people have already pledged their support raising more than £27,000 towards the overall target total of £40,000.

Victoria, who joined the gym for the first time in December, has undergone intense training sessions in the run up to her formidable fitness feat to ensure she was at her physical peak to take part in the Hyrox challenge. Each Hyrox event consists of eight different workout stations, pushing the limits of physical endurance and mental resilience. Hyrox events attract a diverse range of participants, from elite athletes to fitness enthusiasts of all levels.

Victoria Training. Photo Credit: Luke Farmer

Husband Joseph said the campaigning couple will be registering the new charity through J Sweeney Accountants, which has pledged its support to the launch of the new charity donating hundreds of pounds and providing its specialist services and expertise for free for the charity.

He said:

“There are local charities which the business supports by providing its expertise and services on a complimentary basis. Victoria and I are delighted the business will be supporting our new charity in the same way.

“Victoria is incredible, what she is doing for herself and for others is utterly amazing. What is most impressive is from day one of her having this idea, it was always about what she could give back to everyone else. Every element of what she is doing is to help other people having cancer treatment who need support.”

The charity campaigning couple are also creating a documentary to highlight Victoria’s incredible and inspirational journey.

Victoria and Joseph Skinner with daughter Isla. Photo Credit: Sophie Last

Victoria added:

“We hope that the Tor-Rox challenge can be a beacon of hope for cancer patients far and wide, to remind them that amidst the darkness of their diagnosis, they possess an incredible inner strength that could be further harnessed through fitness. Dedication and belief in the power of fitness can not only improve the lives of cancer patients but also reshape the way society views cancer treatment and recovery.

“We want to highlight the resilience of the human spirit and the extraordinary impact that compassion and determination can have on the lives of others, empowering cancer patients to find their strength, one workout at a time.”

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